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Join Yonaka's very own alt-rockers George Edwards and Alex Crosby as they guide you through 12 of the band's biggest tracks in our exclusive online guitar series, featuring playthroughs, song stories and gear rundowns. Learn reverb-drenched melodic riffs, thundering bass lines, and screaming lead sections directly from the bands you love.


  1. Bad Company
  2. Lose Our heads
  3. Fired Up
  4. Rockstar
  5. Don’t Wait til Tomorrow
  6. Creature
  7. Punch Bag
  8. Drongo
  9. Teach Me to Fight
  10. WAVES
  11. FWTB
  12. Own Worst Enemy

Learn Yonaka Songs on Guitar and Bass

In our exclusive online guitar and bass lessons, George and Alex show you the correct way to play Yonaka’s songs. You'll learn the correct fingering, subtle playing techniques and the perfect guitar and bass setup to achieve the band’s rip-roaring sound.

Using Playit to Learn Guitar and Bass

The pack includes guitar and bass playthroughs shot from three different angles, along with accompanying lessons and song stories, featuring behind-the-scenes stories from the recording studio to global tours. The lads share great anecdotes and are rapidly becoming one of the most recognisable bands in the industry.

Each playthrough features a speed selector tool that allows you to dig into the gritty details to nail each track. With Playit, you can learn how to play Yonaka songs exactly how they should be played.

Learn from some of the most promising young talents in music today with Yonaka’s exclusive online guitar lessons packs, available from just $29.99.

Yonaka Bass & Guitar Tutorials – "Heavy Alt Pop" Pack
2999 4999

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