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Join Mark Bowen and Lee Kiernan as they show you how to play the entire "Joy as an Act of Resistance” album. In our exclusive-to-PlayIt online guitar series, you’ll learn all 10 tracks from the band’s seminal LP with detailed guitar lessons, playthroughs, gear rundowns and song stories — the ultimate way to learn IDLES’ songs on guitar.


  1. I'm Scum
  2. Danny Nedelko
  3. Samaritans
  4. Television
  5. Rottweiler

Learn IDLES Songs on Guitar

In these exclusive online guitar tutorials, Lee and Bowen will show you how to play IDLES songs on guitar. The dynamic duo will show you the correct fingering, subtle playing techniques and the perfect guitar, amp and pedalboard setup to achieve the unstoppable IDLES sound.

Using Playit to Learn IDLES Songs

This pack includes guitar playthroughs shot from three different angles, as well as guitar tutorials and song stories that capture the essence of IDLES’ catalogue. The guitarists break down each individual section note by filthy note. Plus, you’ll learn about everything from how the songs were recorded to how they’re played live, directly from the band who’ve played every stage imaginable.

Each playthrough features a speed selector tool that allows you to dig into the gritty details to nail each track. With Playit, you can learn how to play IDLES songs exactly how they should be played.

Learn gigantic, catchy riffs, contorted anti-solos and everything in between with this IDLES – Guitar Tutorials pack, available for $39.99.

IDLES Guitar Tutorials – Learn "Joy as an Act of Resistance" Pt.2
3999 5999

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