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Join UK-punk hero Lags, as he rips through Gallows' biggest tracks in our exclusive online guitar tutorials, complete with playthroughs, song stories and gear rundown. Learn gut-punching riffs, dissonant chordal sections, and tasteful lead parts — Lags knows his way around a fretboard!


1. Abandon Ship
2. In The Belly Of A Shark
3. Come Friendly Bombs
4. Orchestra Of Wolves
5. Just Because You Sleep Next To Me
6. London Is The Reason
7. Misery
8. I Dread The Night
9. Black Eyes
10. Leeches
11. Cross Of Lorraine
12. Odessa
13. Last June
14. Mystic Death
15. Chains

Learn Gallows Songs on Guitar

In these exclusive online guitar tutorials, Lags shows you the correct way to play Gallows songs. You'll learn the correct fingering, subtle playing techniques and the perfect guitar setup to achieve the unmistakable Gallows sound.

Using Playit to Learn Guitar 

This pack includes guitar playthroughs shot from three different angles, as well as song stories that feature all the behind-the-scenes from the recording studio to world tours — Lags shares some great anecdotes from his years as a touring musician with one of the hardest-hitting bands of the past two decades.

Each playthrough features a speed selector tool that allows you to dig into the gritty details to nail each track. With Playit, you can learn how to play Gallows songs exactly how they should be played.

Learn fiercely angry riffs, distressed solos and a whole lot more with the Gallows –  Guitar Lessons pack, available for just $29.99.

Gallows – Guitar Lessons (with Lags)
2999 4999

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