What Is A Guitar Playthrough Video?

What Is A Guitar Playthrough Video?


Guitar playthrough videos are the modern way to learn the songs you love, but what are they, and why should you watch them?

I shudder to think how many guitar tabs I scoured the internet for as a teenager, only to find out they were a) the wrong tuning b) the wrong fingering OR c) not even remotely close to the actual songs they I was trying to learn!

Thankfully, YouTube came along and rescued us all from an endless sea of badly written, poorly formatted and often hard to find guitar tabs. BUT WAIT… now we are inundated by badly filmed, poorly performed BUT easy to find guitar playthrough videos. GAH!!!

This got us thinking… surely there’s a way that we can provide the easy access of YouTube but with the quality and authenticity that guitarists and music fans are craving...

Enter Playit

Our main objective at Playit is to provide easy to access, clearly displayed videos of your favourite bands playing their songs, including exclusive anecdotes and stories about the songs in a nice, “all-in-one-place” package.

This approach to teaching guitar isn’t a new thing, if anything we’re pretty late to the party, but our delivery is where we excel. All of our videos feature 3 separate camera angles (picking hand, fret board and wide shot) presented in glorious HD. These angles provide you with all the information you need to be able to play the songs of your favourite bands correctly, with all the subtleties and embellishments no tab book could ever give you. We’ve even got a speed selection tool, giving you free reign to slow down the video, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Lovely stuff! 

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Why should you learn from guitar playthroughs?

Our Playit guitar playthroughs are brought to you direct from the bands themselves. Hear the stories, technique secrets and rig rundowns to achieve the perfect sound, straight from the horse's mouth. 100% authentic and perfectly delivered.

Not only do you get to see EXACTLY how the songs should be played, but you also get to see all the little tips and tricks you’d never be able to see on a stale black-and-white piece of paper or from Shredder Steve’s “filmed-on-a-potato” YouTube channel.

An added bonus of learning with guitar playthrough videos, is that you will start to train your ear by default. In playing along and working out where and how things are played, you will be listening in context, much like how you would if you were learning by listening to just the track. With the added playthrough video to guide you as well, you’re in a win-win situation!

Tips for learning from guitar playthroughs

If you are new to the world of guitar playthroughs, you might want some tips for making the most out of them:

  • Login and load up your favourite song
  • Crank your amp and get comfy
  • Watch the playthrough a couple of times without trying to play along (easy there slick, let’s get it right first!). Try and absorb as much information as you can, like fretting hand position, picking technique and guitar tone.
  • Turn the speed selector down to 0.75% OR 0.5% depending on your preference
  • Work through the song riff-by-riff, focusing on where the guitarists are fretting. Don't try and learn too much at once, we're building up to that!
  • Listen to subtle nuances, like palm muting, hammer-ons and pull offs to really get a sense of how the guys themselves play it
  • Start stringing the riffs together, build slowly until you've got the entire track down
  • Play along with the song still at a slower speed (this really helps drill down on all the ideas, building your muscle memory and technique)
  • Crank that speed selector up to full speed and rip through it!
  • Become the coolest kid in town now that you can shred with the best of them

If you’re looking for somewhere to learn all of your favourite songs, directly from the bands that wrote and performed them, head over to Playit and start learning! Playit is available worldwide, via any device, 24 hours a day. Perfect for fitting in with your guitar practice routine.

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