Are Online Guitar Lessons Worth It?

Are Online Guitar Lessons Worth It?


Guitar lessons and playthrough videos are pretty easy to find online and are a great tool for learning. But why should you use them, and why should you pay for them? 

These days, a vast number of guitar players would describe themselves as “dokugaku”, or “self-taught”; if you don’t happen to be fluent in Japanese (you can use that next time someone asks how you became such a good guitarist - thank us later). However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve sat in their bedroom for the past decade noodling away on their own, eventually blossoming into a self-proclaimed virtuoso. They have almost certainly had some level of guidance along the way.

The evolution of teaching (and learning) guitar

Huge technological advances in the past few years have meant that more “traditional” approaches to guitar tuition have undergone a complete transformation. The teaching and guidance that you could once only access from a real-life tutor is now widely available on the World Wide Web.

Online guitar lessons have been established as a valid and incredibly useful resource for learning (and are even preferred by some to “real-life” lessons, but we’ll go into why this might be a bit later on). 

At the time of writing this, under social distancing guidelines, online tuition has become the only viable way to receive guitar lessons. But why should you use online guitar lessons?

Are online guitar lessons worth it?

Everyone who wants to learn guitar (or any instrument for that matter) is on a musical journey. It should be a fun and rewarding process. That’s our main aim here at Playit - we want you to have fun, learn something new and ultimately become a better musician.

As a total beginner, you should aim to have at least a few lessons with someone professional, face-to-face. That’s not to say you can’t get started with online lessons, but at some point, it’s important that you sit down with a credible tutor who can help you nail the fundamentals, such as tuning your guitar, holding the instrument (fretting hand technique and holding a plectrum), how to form simple chords and play simple scales.

Once you’ve established the basics, online guitar lessons are a fantastic way of broadening your repertoire, developing your technique and most of all, progressing your playing. That’s what Playit is all about! 

Where can I find good guitar lessons? 

If you are looking for good quality guitar lessons and playthroughs online, you may be met with a familiar problem. Anyone can upload anything they want, and it might not be exactly what you need.

There is now an unprecedented level of content available to the masses, for free. However, this comes with one main drawback… how on earth do you find what you’re looking for? Who is giving you the correct guidance? And how the heck do you know what good guidance looks like?!

“You get what you pay for”

Most or all of this content is free to access. But in turn, that means there is no filter for credibility. There are some well-established and reliable sources of information that provide at least some musical tuition and guidance for free. Some of my favourites are Rabbea Massaad, Scott Devine (“Scott’s Bass Lessons”), Nahre Sol and Adam Neely (can you tell I’m secretly a bass player?). You can gain some great insights into how they work and how to get better at processing musical information, but it is ultimately up to you to discover where you are on your own musical journey and how to progress.

Besides, if you only picked up a guitar a month ago for the first time, you might have a little way to go on your musical journey before you’re sweep-picking up and down the fretboard. This leads me onto my next point…

Why learn with Playit? 

We decided that we want to be THE place to learn songs written and performed by the bands YOU love. Our aim at Playit is to make YOU a better guitarist and musician. We want you to feel inspired. 

Playit features a variety of professional touring musicians, all venturing into different styles of performance, giving you as greater overview of guitar playing as possible. You can learn from the musicians who’ve taken their music across the globe, playing every kind of gig you could imagine, from arenas and stadiums to independent venues and of course, the odd dive bar. 

We’d like to think that our lessons cater to everyone, from beginners (check out the Barns Courtney Online Guitar Series) to intermediate and advanced players (SikTh Online Guitar Series). Even if you consider yourself a true master of the fretboard, we’d encourage you to check out our videos, you might just learn something new! 

If you haven’t already tried out some of the free videos, take a look. I don’t think you’d be disappointed. If you like what you see, consider the investment as an investment in your own personal development.

How much does it cost? 

We’ve worked hard to figure out a fair pricing structure that provides a good deal for our featured artists.. We’d like to think this is a fraction of the cost of an actual tutor, with the added benefit of being able to pause, rewind, play at ½ speed, play at ¾ speed our videos forever. You can learn at your own pace. 

For a one-time investment, you can pick up where you left off at a time and place that suits you. You won’t have to commit to lessons at the same time, in the same place every week. And remember, all of our content is exclusive; you won’t find a better place to learn the songs from our featured artists. 

The place to be...

We strive for utmost quality in all of our videos. The unique camera angles we have implemented should make learning each part of the song a LOT easier to master. No more squinting at the screen, leaning over your desk, banging your guitar into your wall / laptop / face. Our featured artist will show you exactly how they play the song. From there, it’s just a matter of imitating their style and eventually, developing your own style. We are THE credible source forlearning songs online.

We’ve made it our job to provide you with the best resources possible, so that you can learn independently from some of the most skilled and influential musicians alive today. With our recently added comments section, we hope that you can connect with other like-minded souls who are also on their musical journey. Why not reach out to the Playit Community and see how everyone else is getting on? After all, “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”.

Trying to find the right information you need can be like trying to find a needle in a… needle-stack. There is information that might be on the right lines, but not wholly reliable. 

Like what you’re hearing? How about learning with Playit! 

Anyone can download a tab and learn a song, but to really get inside the song, to nail the sound, tone, techniques, fret positions and attitude is a whole other level of detail. What better way to achieve this than to hear it right from the horse's mouth?! Set yourself apart and stand out from the rest with Playit!

Ultimately, the key benefits of learning from Playit are as follows:

- The highest quality video and audio available online

- Pause, rewind, play at ½ speed, ¾ speed - learn at your own pace

- Exclusive content, including playthroughs, tuition and gear run-downs

- No travelling, no scheduling commitments, learn at your convenience

- No recurring fees. Once it is yours, it is yours to keep (providing you have an internet connection, but we’re working on that)

- No physical contact with other people (in case you happen to be in the midst of a pandemic)  

- Have fun learning from your personal heroes! 

Start your guitar learning odyssey by getting stuck into the Barns Courtney online guitar series, including a free guitar playthrough & song story of "Fun Never Ends"