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Join Mike Duce as he takes you through Lower Than Atlantis' biggest tracks with our exclusive online guitar lessons, complete with playthroughs, song stories and gear rundown. Get Mike's sound by learning all of the anthemic choruses, pop-rock breakdowns and tasteful melodic sections with the man himself — Mike has got it all. 


1. Emily
2. Had Enough
3. (Motor) Way Of Life
4. Here We Go
5. Another Sad Song
6. Could Be Worse
7. English Kids In America
8. I Would

Learn Lower Than Atlantis Songs on Guitar

With this exclusive pack, Mike shows you how to play Lower Than Atlantis songs on guitar. You'll learn the correct fingering, subtle playing techniques and the perfect guitar setup to achieve Mike's signature sound.

The Lower Than Atlantis pack includes guitar playthroughs shot from three different angles, as well as accompanying song stories, featuring all the behind-the-scenes stories from the recording studio to world tours (Mike has some epic tales, delivered just how you would expect from the man himself).

Using Playit to Learn Songs on Guitar

Each playthrough features a speed selector tool that allows you to dig into the gritty details to nail each track. With Playit, you can learn how to play Lower Than Atlantis songs exactly how they should be played.

Learn all the pop-rock riffs you'll ever need today with the Lower Than Atlantis — Guitar Tutorials Pack with Mike Duce, available for just $29.99!

Lower Than Atlantis – Guitar Tutorials (with Mike Duce)
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