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Join Adam Godfrey and Matthew Marcantonio as they guide you through Demob Happy's biggest tracks with our exclusive online guitar lessons, complete with playthroughs, song stories and gear rundowns. Learn gigantic fuzzy riffs, Beatles-inspired chord changes, and psychedelic lead sections — the boys show you it all.  


1. Junk DNA
2. Less Is More
3. Be Your Man
4. Autoportrait
5. Loosen It
6. Mother Machine
7. Dead Dreamers
8. Liar In Your Head
9. Spinning Out
10. Succubus
11. Maker of Mine
12. Fake Satan

Learn Demob Happy Songs on Bass and Guitar

In our exclusive-to-Playit online guitar and bass lessons from Demob Happy, guitarist Adam Godfrey and bassist Matthew Marcantonio show you the correct way Demob Happy songs. You'll learn the correct fingering, subtle playing techniques and the perfect guitar setup to achieve the exact sound.

Using Playit to Learn Songs on Guitar

This pack includes guitar and bass playthroughs shot from three different angles, along with accompanying lessons and song stories, featuring all the behind-the-scenes stories from the recording studio to world tours. Adam and Matthew share tonnes of great anecdotes from the last few years in their quest for world domination!

Each playthrough features a speed selector tool that allows you to dig into the gritty details to nail each track. With Playit, you can learn how to play Demob Happy songs exactly how they should be played.

Learn huge riffs, grinding bass lines and killer solos with the Demob Happy – Bass & Guitar Tutorials pack, available for just $29.99.

Demob Happy – Bass & Guitar Tutorials – The "Alt Rock" Pack
2999 4999

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