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Playit is the best (and only) way to learn guitar online, directly from the bands you love. Join the Playit community now for just £7.99/month to get full, instant access to our extensive range of exclusive guitar lessons, playthroughs, gear rundowns and song stories for a fraction of the price of a single, everyday guitar lesson.

Each song is 100% accurate and taught by the artist themselves; featuring guitar techniques, song writing methods and behind the scenes stories, all exclusive to Playit. So you'll learn EXACTLY how the bands play their songs. There's no place for confusing, incorrect guitar tabs here.

You can learn your favourite songs using 3 different camera angles (perfect for learning all the subtle nuances) plus a super handy speed selector tool to really help you nail the riffs at your own pace. Stream anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Let us show you how to Playit!


Playit Reviews

"LOVE this platform, so excited to use it!" - Travis, USA 

Playit Reviews

"I am really enjoying the IDLES series, very inspiring!" - Ruby, Australia

Playit Reviews

"It’s so good to see and learn the little nuances and notes" - Dave, UK

Playit Reviews

"Learning from the bands themselves is a whole new experience" - Gary, UK

Playit Reviews

"I LOVE THIS!" - Guy, Belgium

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How To Use Playit

Playit Trolley Key Loud

- Join the Playit community for just £7.99/month

- Login and load up your favourite song

- Crank your amp and get comfy 


Playit Media

 - Watch the playthrough a couple of times without trying to play along

- Listen to subtle nuances to really get a sense of how the artists themselves Playit


Playit Speed

- Turn the speed selector down to 0.75% OR 0.5% depending on your preference

- Starting slow is the key to Guitar God status


Playit Search

- Work through the song riff-by-riff, focusing on where the guitarists are fretting

- Don't try and learn too much at once, we're building up to that!


Playit Guitar

- Start stringing the riffs together, build slowly until you've got the entire track down

- Play along with the song still at a slower speed

-Playing slowly really helps drill down on all the ideas, building your muscle memory and technique


Playit Lightning

- Crank that speed selector up to full tilt and rip through the song!

- Become the coolest kid in town now that you can shred with the best of them!


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Playit Reviews

"Playit is the real deal" - Kerrang! Review Playit

Playit Reviews

"Playit is a great platform as it allows fans to learn direct from the artist" - NME Review Playit

Playit Reviews

"Playit is super-helpful for aspiring songwriters and guitarists alike" - Music Radar Review Playit


Playit HD

You can stream Playit in glorious HD across all devices and platforms.

Every video has a speed selector tool so you can learn at your own pace, anytime of the day, anywhere in the world.


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